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Wildland Fire


Wildland Fire Courses at Guardian College
Beginning in 2014, Guardian College brings professional, hands-on job training to the Wildland Fire industry. With Boise serving as the location of national fire efforts and home to many Wildland fire contractors, our campus is the place for a great start for a Wildland fire career in either the public or private sector.

How do I become a Wildland Firefighter?
The entry level training for this occupation is the Initial Wildland Academycourse. Students enrolled in this course have classroom time, practical exercises using real fire trucks and equipment, and live burn exercises where they work with fire in a controlled and supervised setting.

Why Choose Guardian?
Guardian College has a reputation for high professional standards and employer satisfaction. You will be expected to demonstrate professional standards of behavior in the classroom, and will be evaluated using the same standards used by employers. Hands-on learning, as well as the opportunity to participate in live burns, makes the education experience more than just a class. Finally, at Guardian, you can be completely prepared for employment with CPR/First Aid certification, DOT physical, Pack test, and EMT/paramedic certification available.

How Do I Get Started?
Download the registration form here and contact Admissions for more information.

How do I get a Wildland Fire job?
Part of Guardian’s training for entry-level firefighters includes information on finding fire jobs and being ready for employment. At the conclusion of your course, you will have the training and documents needed to be ready for hiring by government or private industry. We also provide you with a list of places to apply and tips on being a top-tier candidate. Last year, when we piloted Wildland fire courses, 90% of our graduates were employed during the 2013 fire season.

What courses are available?
* Courses taught by National Wildfire Suppression Association certified instructors can be issued NWSA certificates.

Custom classes and group training offsite are available.  Call 321-4744 for more information.

Course Name Courses Included NWSA Certificate*
Initial Wildland Academy ASHI CPR/First Aid

NWCG S-110

NWCG S-130

NWCG L-180


Intermediate Wildland Academy NWCG RT-130

NWCG S-131

NWCG S-133

NWCG S-211

Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface NWCG S-215  YES
Advanced Wildland Academy NWCG RT-130

ASHI CPR/First Aid

NWCG S-212

NWCG S-230

NWCG S-231

NWCG S-290

Wildland Fire Refresher RT-130 YES