• CPR For Groups
    If your group, business, or organization would like to have CPR training but doesn’t need a certification or credential, you can now get American Heart Association quality in complete training packages for less than $3.50 per person.
    Group CPR Order/Reservation Form

Your Package Includes

  • American Heart Association Friends & Family Books
  • 1 day DVD Rental
  • 1 day Adult Manikin Pack Rental
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Wallet Cards (recommended)

1.    Download the Group CPR Order/Reservation form.
2.    Fax the form to 321-4745 or scan and email it to Jason@guardian.edu. Jason is an American Heart Association CPR instructor and can answer all your questions.  He will confirm the availability of the materials for your class date and prepare them for pickup.
3.    On the day of class, pick up materials and make payment.
4.    Set up the equipment for the class, distribute books to students, and run the DVD.
5.    Distribute wallet cards (recommended.)
6.    Return equipment and any unopened materials for credit.

Students Total Package Price Cost Per Person
5 $25.00 $5.00
10 $37.50 $3.75
15 $57.50 $3.83
20 $70.00 $3.50
25 $90.00 $3.60
30 $102.50 $3.42
Add Wallet Cards
Great in case of emergency!
For larger groups, contact us for pricing