Career Information – CPT

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there will be a 29% increase in positions for personal fitness trainers over the coming decade. Employment opportunities are numerous in and outside of the health club field. Fitness centers, hospitals, clinics and larger businesses all employ fitness trainers, and the opportunities for experienced trainers to open their own practices and private fitness facilities are numerous. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Fitness Training as the 3rd fastest growing occupation.

Personal trainers earn between $24,560 and $71,310. With benefits, average incomes are $71,466. Benefits may include Social Security contributions, 401K, disability, healthcare, pension and paid time off. The latest data from reports that NASM certified personal trainers earn approximately 20% more than trainers without credentials, and out earn personal trainers with other forms of certification.

Guardian College, in partnership with local area health & fitness centers, has more than sufficient employment opportunities for the number of expected graduates. Your commitment to succeed and excel is the largest factor in your future success in this field.